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Our company produces various kinds of furniture, including: wardrobe, dressoir, stool, guest chair, dining chair, dining table, dining table set, sideboard, sketsel, decorative clock, tolet / dressing table, gebyok, bed, lighting, pulpit, calligraphy, relief, handicraft, souvenir and carved sculpture.

Dinning table | Jepara Furniture

Dinning table | Jepara Furniture

In addition to the products we offer [ set dining table ], we also accept orders with other models, according to your request (Custom Order). The way is quite easy, that is by sending images and sizes to your liking. then, we will calculate the price first, then we will as soon as possible respond to your request by offering price to you.

We also accept orders, both from buyers for resellers, home buyers and government agencies (Projects to fill schools, agency offices, hotels, villas etc).

Regarding the goods we produce, We use the materials with the best quality. Among them is using teak wood and other types of wood from indigenous perhutani (not from village wood). The management and materials of wooden furniture that we use have gone through the drying process using modern wooden oven system, so the quality of wood is no doubt MC (drought). thus making our products will be durable for use.

For the quality of product type we serve buyer for local and export for export and local order our quality is almost same, so you can get export quality with local price. So little about our trading business.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any desired order issues / other models, please contact us first to adjust your wishes and adjust your budget.

You can contact us at +6282329119927 or +6287826758783.
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