Snails Lighting

Snails Lighting

SNAILS LIGHTING | Albab Furniture located in Jepara. Contact us at | +6287826758783 | email

For those of you who want to change the new desain of your home, redecorate your bed to look more luxurious and look different from before. Please visit our site to see the various collections of your home supplies. Among them: cupboard, dining table, guest table, dressoir, accessories, calligraphy, gebyok, sketsel, stool, sketsel and handicraft.

The following are examples of decorative lighting designs of our company products

Snails lighting

Snails lighting

In order not to miss our latest furniture collection update, please you can record or save our official website at Or you can contact us by phone at +6287826758783 / +6282329119927. In addition we also serve you via email at

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Snails Lighting | Jepara Furniture



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Contact us at | +6287826758783 | email


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